ASC Satellite

West Borough Satellite - ASC Provision

The Satellite provision based at West Borough is an extension of Bower Grove School.The ethos of the satellite is to be as inclusive as possible and to facilitate pupils’ integration into a main school setting.  All pupils attending the satellite will have a diagnosed Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) and will need additional support and encouragement to access a mainstream environment. 

Admission to our satellite will be via the Local Authority.  Children must have ASC as their primary need and should have the social and academic potential for integration into a mainstream setting.  There will be a high expectation for pupils to participate in mainstream lessons, where appropriate, and to join in with other daily routines such as assemblies and playtimes.

Some children on the autistic spectrum may have great challenges attending a mainstream environment.  We will ensure all pupils receive specific help in developing their social and communication skills, inter-peer relationships and behaviour modification, if appropriate.

Mrs Julie Atwal

Lead Teacher

Mrs Susan Warner


Mrs Rachael Davis


Miss Beth Nicholls


Mrs Liz Brotherwood

teacher - Fridays only

Mrs Marie Albrow


Miss Rebecca Snell

Miss Rebecca Snell


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