Apple Class - Term 3

The children have had fun in the outside area, digging for worms and working together to make them a home.


Amber and Carlo were very proud of what they had found!


We have been learning about size and the children were encouraged to build towers that were taller than themselves.


Sonny concentrates on building his tower

Jenson, Adam & Daisy have built a very tall tower!


We set up a ‘Shoe Shop’ in our Maths Area, so that children could try on different sized shoes and measure each others feet – they had a great time and were using language such as longer / shorter, bigger / smaller.


Ashton trying on the wellington boots!

Ariana enjoys measuring Dina’s feet.


The children are always busy and exploring new things – they always enjoy joining in with our cooking activity on a Friday!





Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge