Ebony Class-Term 3 - Vehicles

This term we have really enjoyed learning all about different vehicles.

We started the term with the story book ‘Mrs Armitage on wheels.’ The author is Quentin Blake and the story is all about a very interesting old lady who invents new ways to make her bike more exciting. We learnt the story, then retold it and after that we created our own adventure stories using the character of Mrs Armitage. The children did this brilliantly and used some fantastic adjectives.

For Maths this term we have been focusing on multiplication and division.  The children have really embraced using the bar method to help them with these new skills. The bar method even came in handy during the last week when we started to learn about fractions.

This term we were lucky enough to visit our local church and Rev Chris told us lots of information about what objects are in the church and even what he has to wear and why.

In History we learnt about Henry Ford and this inspired us to design and create our own vehicles.

We used the iPads to create self-portraits

We read explanation texts to help us make Mobilo vehicles

This is us at St Andrew's Church

Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge