Juniper Class - Term 3 - Discovering Guatemala

We posed the following question to the children: Would you like to visit Guatemala?
They were then given the opportunity to discover information and facts that enabled them to participate in a year group debate, via Skype. The children were required to consider things such as the weather, tourist attractions, historical sites, crime, illness and volcanoes.
This topic has offered the children opportunities linked to DT, English, Maths, Geography and History.
We had lots of fun watching the children perform the Maya Creation Story, using the puppets that they had designed and made.

Linking to our topic about Guatemala, the children have enjoyed listening to many traditional Maya folktales. They particularly enjoyed the rich vocabulary and colour illustrations within these stories. Using Talk4Writing, the children were able to write their own alternative version of a folktale: How The Peacock Got His Tale.
We also focused on non-chronological reports. The children chose an animal to write about, making sure that they included the key features of the writing style.

We consolidated our learning of multiplication and division at the beginning of the term. The children were able to apply their mathematical knowledge and use it within a real life context.
This term the children also learnt to tell the time. This is always a challenging concept for children and so it has been really beneficial that you have been supporting your child with this by regularly asking them to tell you what the time is – we learnt to tell the time using analogue & digital clocks, both 12 & 24 hour times.

Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge