Lilac Class Term 1


During this term we have been learning about the place value of 4 digit numbers. Once we understood this, we were able to begin to add, subtract, use the inverse and round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We remembered how to use the column method to add and subtract and could even exchange when we needed to.


Our first unit this term was poetry. We looked at 2 poems: The Shadow, and The Sound Collector. We had to think about lots of language features, but mainly focussed on onamatopoeia, which is a word that describes a sound. For example: crash, bang, rustle. This enabled us to write our own versions of The Sound Collector poem.

Next we learnt about letter writing. We received a letter from Edi at the beginning of term, linked to our Sound & Light topic. So that we could write a letter back to Edi, we had to learn all about the key features of formal letter writing. As a class we wrote a letter to James, giving him some advice about how to manage chatty children. We ‘magpied’ some of the examples of good vocabulary that we had seen in the letters that Mrs Kingsnorth had shown us during our learning. This meant that we were all able to write our own letters back to Edi.


Our topic this term was Light & Sound. We learnt how sound is created by vibrations that travel through the air. We now know that the bigger the vibrations are, the louder we hear the sound. We measured sound in decibels on the data-loggers. We also used the data-loggers to measure the light that was able to pass through a variety of different materials. We discovered that materials are either opaque, translucent or transparent. We measured the light in LUX. We were then able to offer Edi some advice about how he could sleep better during the day after his night shift at work. We used a tasc wheel to help us to plan and record our investigations. As part of our learning, we also learnt about shadows and reflections.


We linked our art this term to our learning about reflections in science. We explored using oil pastels to create an art piece that shows how objects are reflected in water. We discovered that reflections in water, are similar in shape, size and colour to the object, but they are not in focus.


We have been working with Premier Sports and Mr Atkinson this term in PE, learning lots of sports hall athletics skills. Each week we tried to improve our performance and try for a new personal best score.

Written by:

Scott, Alfie, Kobi, Connie, Ruby & Ja’naya

Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge