Lilac Class - Term 3 - Chocolate (Should we stop eating chocolate?)

This term we have developed our design and technology skills to produce a chocolate bar.

The topic also focused on:
• Science – states of matter, nutrition
• Geography-Chocolate producing countries
• History - History of chocolate production
• Learning Skills – Knowing me, Knowing you
• PE – Gymnastics and Swimming
• French – members of the family
• Computing; We are toy designers (using Scratch)

We enjoyed eating the delicious home learning some children brought it - but please don’t worry we also discussed the importance of healthy eating and looking at nutritional information on packaging! Amongst other things, we found out how and where chocolate is grown and manufactured. We learnt all about tropical climates and compared countries such as Peru, Ghana and The Ivory Coast.
We investigated why chocolate melts and what happens when it changes temperature. We really enjoyed this topic!

The children enjoyed being Willy Wonka and creating their own scrumdiddlyumptious chocolates complete with packaging! As part of our story time we read Roald Dahl’s classic – ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ which has provided a rich context for our own writing.

Over the last few weeks the children have been learning about subtraction of money amounts and using addition as a method of checking their work. We had a practical maths day learning how to accurately weigh and measure to help us create chocolate bars. Speed tables, speed addition and Reach for the Stars continued – keep practising those times tables and addition facts. Some children are already on their silver medal! Well done!

The children completed their learning about adventure stories. The hot task was a fantastic chance for the children to show off all their learning, including speech, action and ambitious vocabulary. We also wrote non-chronological reports; writing reports about chocolate. Their favourite writing was their adverts. They were persuasive writers, describing and selling their chocolate creations!

The term ended with an awesome class assembly! It was fantastic to see the children share their learning with Forest Team and their families. A highlight was their performance of ‘The Candy Man’, which was completely choreographed by the children themselves!

Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge