Lime Class - Term 4 - From a Railway Carriage

Our learning this term has been linked to and inspired by the poem ‘From a Railway Carriage’ by Robert Louis Stevenson, and culminated in our class assembly.

We listened to this and other poems, then presented our own performances, with added actions.

We learnt about the history of the railways, used this to imagine what it would have been like to live in George Stevenson’s time, and wrote diary entries set in that time, as well as those inspired by more modern train journeys.

We studied artists who created railway images, and created our own art work using different techniques. We also created our own musical compositions, inspired by railway rhythms, and a dance, which was the highlight of the assembly!

In Maths we have embraced the challenge of DIVISION. It is quite a tricky concept and we hope to revisit the method again this year. One thing that has helped us is our growing confidence with multiplication.

For the rest of the term we have been investigating fractions including; equivalent fractions (e.g. ½ and 5/10), adding fractions (1/3 + 1/3 = 2/3) and finding fractions of quantities (e.g. 1/3 of 36 = 12). We then explored the relationship between fractions and decimals. So ½ is the same as 0.5, ¾ is the same as 0.75, 4/10 is the same as 0.4 and so on…

In RE we learnt about Passover and Easter.

In Computing the children learnt to edit HTML and create their own ‘Keep Calm’ posters.


This has been another popular year 4 topic, and we are all looking forward to learning more about Europe next term.

Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge