Maple Class Term 1

The Question was: What will happen if you mix soil, oil, salt or food colouring with water?
Well we have our results:
The water has completely evaporated from the soil leaving us dry soil. So this solution was a reversible change as we could separate the soil from the water.
In the oil and water, the water is still slowly evaporating and the water level has gone down but the oil has stayed sitting on top of it.
The food colouring has coloured the bottom of the cup and the water has completely evaporated.
The water has completely evaporated from the salt solution leaving salt crystals of different sizes and shapes than from our original table salt granules.
Maple class was transformed into a lab for the latter part of the term and the children enjoyed our exciting experiments. Have you recreated any at home?


The children were amazing in our Class Assembly. They spoke their words brilliantly showing their enthusiasm and understanding for our science learning this term. The children realised that our topic of Mysterious Materials is not that mysterious because they understand the science behind it. The Class Assembly was enjoyed by all, especially the funky groovy dancing to our song and rap! The children have graduated from Materials Academy all taking home a certificate.


Thank you to all parents and children who were able to attend our parent, teacher and child consultations. It was great to share learning, celebrate it and focus on goals for the term ahead.


The children have embraced our Science learning into their literacy skills writing great non-chronological reports and letters.

Home Learning

We have had some fantastic home learning and models come into school. We encourage the children to put in the same amount of effort into their home learning that they do in their books at school so we expect a similar standard and two pages completed each week.

Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge