Maple Class - Term 3 - The Great Lakes

We have researched key facts, learned songs about the lakes and have created information leaflets to encourage people to visit the Great Lakes. As part of our topic we have also looked at fossilisation and learned all about the water cycle - which we know a song about too! 

In Maths we have been learning about multiplication and division. We have also learned how to find the area of compound shapes and are now able to use a protractor to measure angles. We have focused on using the internet safely and have created top tips for gaming which are listed below.

Maple’s Top Tips for Safe Gaming
• Keep personal information private, you could have a private account
• Only join groups that you know or your parent/carer says that you can
• Avoid online chat with people who you don’t know in real life
• Check the APP is safe from viruses etc.
• If inappropriate conversation occurs you can: leave the game, tell an adult or report it
• Instead of using a photo use a cartoon avatar
• Only use your own log ins and keep them secret
• Only play age appropriate games- check with an adult at home
• Get parent/carer to check privacy settings

Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge