Sycamore Class - Term 3 - Extinct and Endangered

During the term pupils have learnt about Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution, about inheritance and how parents pass on traits to their offspring and the children have created their own creatures and performed poems about them. Children have also enjoyed painting extinct and endangered animals and using the atlas to locate countries on the world map. More recently, the children have written a very persuasive letter to Mrs Crittenden asking her to let us adopt an endangered animal. The children have worked very hard on these. Hopefully they will be persuasive enough and next term, once Mrs Crittenden has read them all, we will get the answer.

The children have also enjoyed their computing learning this term, where they have learnt about GPS and geotagging and have started to plan the design their own app. In RE, children have been learning about Jesus' teachings about missionary work.

Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge