Willow Class - Term 1 2017

This term Year 6 have had a great start; wehave been learning lots of wonderful and exciting things!

During the first few weeks Year 6 have enjoyed their time learning all about space and can’t wait for term 2! Read on to discover what it's like to be in Year 6.

Let’s start off with some writing: This year we had to work in groups to create a non-chronological report on space. Each group had to come up with something in space that they wanted to write about, eg. planets and anything that could appear in the atmosphere of space. We also wrote a poem about space. A couple of weeks later Year 6 had a visit from Astrodome; the information filled their brains with knowledge all about space.

Another thing we achieved was creating a piece of space art using oil pastels. Miss Holliday (our Year 6 teacher) is reading a book to us called Cosmic. The main character, Liam, has gone missing. Willow and Sycamore have written a newspaper report about Liam going missing.

More about trips. Year 6 were invited to a taster day at Maplesden Noakes. At the school we were toured by a Year 7 and then did some lessons there.

Some of Year 6 took part in bikeability recently, which was led by instructors. Wewere trained to ride a bike safely on the roads.

We hope you have enjoyed reading all about being a Year 6 in Willow class.
Written by Kathryn, Jack B and Bradley.

Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge