Our Term 1 Learning

We are really proud of the children who were already with us at the start of term, as they have played an important role in helping our new children to settle in.

What have we been learning?

So far this term, we have been getting to know each other. We have played lots of games to help us learn each other’s names. Ask your child about our ‘Hello Song’ that we sing every day.

The children have enjoyed exploring all of the activities at nursery and are showing lovely skills such as being kind and helpful towards each other which is a wonderful quality to see. We are all really impressed with the children’s resilience so far too– they keep trying if they don’t succeed the first time and are confident to ask for help.

We have been learning about Autumn and have read stories such as ‘Owl Babies’ and ‘Hedgehogs Balloons’. The children have enjoyed playing ‘What’s in the bag?’ where we pass a bag around the circle and talk about what we find inside.

Look at the photographs to see our learning in action!


Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge