The Greatest West Borough

The Greatest West Borough (which has been based on the Greatest Showman), has all been about being proud of who you are and celebrating everything that makes you, you!

The week involved a lot of exciting, and some new, activities and learning including dance, drama, poetry, art, performing and much more! Below are just some of the activities we took part in!


We discussed all of our ambitions for the future such as which job we might like to do, or a new skill we would like to learn or a place we would like to visit or travel to. We then created an acrostic poem about one of our aspirations

Mask Making

After learning all about the history of masks, we made our own! We chose a colour that we like and then added details to symbolise our individual personalities. The finished products look amazing! Here we are making our masks.

Flash Mob Dance

We learnt a dance to the song ‘This Is Me’ from the Greatest Showman ready for a flash mob dance on Thursday! We worked really hard and it was fantastic when the whole school came together to perform. Look here to see us in action!

Arty Party

Some children in our class helped to create a huge sculpture which, now finished, is outside Mrs Crittenden’s office. It represents our school and our core values.

Round Robin Morning

We took part in a round robin morning across Key Stage One, where we visited different classes and took part in a range of activities. In Elm class we worked together to create a poem about the circus

Clowns throwing water, custard pies and doing tricks.

Incredible, dragon like fire breather.

Ringmaster calls the acts when it is their turn.

Confidently, the knife thrower slings his weapon.

Unicycle being ridden around the circus ring.

Suspense, as the sword swallower gobbles his sword!


In groups we created a circus act and then as a class performed in a circus ring. It was really fun to see each other act out being sword swallowers and acrobats! Here are some photos of Elm’s Circus.

Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge