Our Term 1 Learning

We have learnt about many things including the different planets, moons and stars.


This topic has given pupils the opportunity to compose a piece of space music and to create planets using different art materials.


In English, the children have been learning about figurative language, which they used to write a descriptive piece about Space. We spent time as a class creating a bank of powerful vocabulary and learning about the use of metaphors, alliteration, personification and similes, and the effect that they can have on the reader.

For the last two weeks, pupils have been working collaboratively to create group non-chronological reports, all about space. They have had to use many skills during this project including researching, taking notes and this term’s learning skill, working with others. At the end of the project, they presented their reports to the rest of the class.


Since the children have started in Year 6, they have already learnt and developed many different mathematical skills and concepts, including calculation methods and problem solving.

This week we have been learning and developing our understanding of division. Children have been using the bus stop method to solve the calculations, and understand that they can use the inverse of multiplication to check their answers. We have really been encouraging the children to explain their reasoning, as it is very important that children not only find the answer, but can also explain their understanding and workings.

Below are some photos of the using manipulative to help them with their understanding of numbers.


This topic has been a fantastic opportunity for Science learning! Pupils and adults have been fascinated by the wonders of space! The children have had so many interesting questions and it has been so lovely to hear how much they have been enjoying talking about their topic at home. In science, pupils have learnt about the role of the sun, the phase of the moon, how the Earth rotates and revolves and why we get day and night and seasons.

Here is a photo of the children taking on the role of the Sun, Moon and Earth in order to understand the different roles and movements.

The Big Picture

At the beginning of this topic, pupils visited the Astrodome, which they thoroughly enjoyed. It really was captivating and the children (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed it. This term's big picture was to graduate Space School as astronauts and the end of this week pupils found out whether they have passed and gained their graduation certificate! They have all worked so hard that they all did!

Home Learning

We have had some absolutely fantastic pieces of home learning already this year. Children are clearly enjoying being able to link their home learning to the topic ‘Out of this World’. Each week we choose a pupil who we think deserves the home learning award and this is proving more and more difficult every week. There are just so many to choose from! Children are enjoying sharing their home learning through the table top gallery, and we always make sure that there is time for children to present and talk about what they have created and learnt. As you can see from the pictures below, pupils are putting a lot of time and effort into their home learning projects- well done and keep it up Sycamore Class!

Children’s Comments

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this topic- it has been ‘Out of This World’!”

“This topic has really inspired me to become an astronaut one day!”

“This topic has been full of many fascinating facts- I have learnt so much that I didn’t know before!”

“Space has been exceptionally fun to learn about and I hope I continue to study it at secondary school!”

“It has been an amazing topic to learn about- I especially enjoyed creating the 3D planets”

“Full of wonder, space has been an exceptional topic to experience and learn about.”

“I have enjoyed learning about this topic because it made me feel like I was actually in space!”

“I really enjoyed this topic and it has made me aspire to become a scientist, so that I can learn even more!”

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