I’d like to extend a warm welcome to all our new staff, pupils and their families. It’s been a very smooth start to the term and I hope you all enjoy your time at West Borough!

Next week we shall be holding briefing sessions for parents/carers for each year group (with the exception of Year R). This is an excellent opportunity for you to come and meet your child’s teacher and find out about expectations, learning and trips for the year ahead. Please sign in at the school office on your allocated day.

We are once again delighted with the school’s academic achievements last year, achieving above National standards in the vast majority of subjects at every Key Stage, EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. This is a testament to all the hard work of our pupils and the staff, supported by you at home.

As always, schools never standstill and we are always looking to further improve. I shall be sharing our school priorities for the coming year during this term. Our new School Learning Council representatives will also be looking at our school priorities, ensuring they are relevant  to the children too.

Here’s to a fantastic 2018/19!


Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge