We’ve had the most fantastic Safety Week in School this week! Thank you to Mrs Wheaton for co-ordinating such an inspiring week—we hope the children have been coming home and sharing lots of ideas with you about how they can stay safe. We’ve covered Fire Safety, Road Safety, Online Safety, Rail Safety and also been visited by the NSPCC. We are running a sponsored event to support the NSPCC after half term. Details have been sent home, so please get collecting sponsors over the holiday!

Last week we hosted our 2nd Language Fair. Thank you so much to all our families who gave up the day to come in and share their culture food and facts about different countries with the children. The children    thoroughly enjoyed going ‘around the world’ and learnt so much. Many of them also tasted some different foods. Thank you to Mrs  Edinburgh for arranging another successful day.

Next Term the children will be involved in a Science Week. We are very excited to find out what Mrs Walker has planned for the week - I’ve heard rumours of some amazing investigations and also rocket launching!     Details will come home early next term.

I hope your children enjoy a restful week next week.


Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge