On Monday, we are hosting a Growth Mindset Day in school. Children will be working with children from other year groups to develop their Growth Mindset! Information will be sent home to you at the end of the day about what they’ve done—please ask them about how they’ve     developed their mindset through the day.

TLCs take place the week after next. Next Thursday, 1st February, pupils in Y1-6 will bring home a progress report. Please take time to read through it and then take it to your TLC appointment where you will be involved with your child in reviewing and setting next steps.

School Dog—As you know, Bea, our school dog, will have her very 1st day at West Borough on 5th February. This week, the Dogs Trust have led assemblies for all the children to help explain what having a school dog will entail, how to stay safe around dogs and how to support Bea when she’s in school. A leaflet has come home to each family, which we’d appreciate you going through with your child/ren. All consent forms should now have been returned to school.

Happy Friday!


Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge