It was lovely to see so many of you at our Art Gallery and Show Case events last week. As part of our on-going school improvement work, we have a focus on foundation subjects this year.

These are subjects such as History, Geography, Art and Music. From the regular monitoring I do, it is clear these subjects have a higher priority in our school now.  It is pleasing to see so many parents commenting on their child’s topic reports termly in Years 1-6.  A piece of Art work from each class has been selected to go on a more permanent display and certificates and prizes were given out in assembly today.

 Also, as part of our ongoing school improvement work, it is necessary to review and update school policies. Some of these policies are statutory—required by the Government. 2 policies we are currently reviewing are our Behaviour and Online Safety Policies. These can be found in draft form on our school website currently. If you have any comments to make about these policies, please send these to the school office prior to our next Governing Body Meeting on 16th May.

 Finally, can I please remind you to keep an eye the class blogs on our website. Each class regularly updates these and you can find out more about Home Learning or what the class have been up to! These replace Year Group newsletters previously sent out monthly.


Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge