The Arts at West Borough

The Arts

At West Borough Primary School, the arts are very important. We want all children to have the opportunity to experience and thrive in a range of areas such as drama, dance, music and art. We also want them to learn about and gain an understanding of different cultures.

The arts can promote a range of skills including creativity, problem solving, perseverance and collaboration.

During our Arts Week we created a Flashmob to 'This Is Me' from the Greatest Showman.





As a school we have achieved the Silver Artsmark Award.

Artsmark is the creative quality standard for schools, accredited by Arts Council England.


Arts Committee

We have an Arts Committee member from each class. They attend meeting and help make decisions about arts learning and activities. All of our Arts Committee members wear an Arts Committee badge.


Here are some of the exciting arts learning and activities that our children have taken part in....


Arts Award Discovery Level

Some of our children were lucky enough to take part in an Arts workshop with Maidstone Museum and they achieved the Arts Award Discovery Level.


Young Voices at the o2

Our choir took part in Young Voices at the o2, where they sang beautifully with thousands of other children. It was an amazing experience.


Arts Week

To celebrate the Arts, we had a week dedicated to it. The theme was the Greatest West Borough which was based on the Greatest Showman and being proud of who you are. We came off timetable and the week was full of exciting and creative activities and opportunities. The children and adults thoroughly enjoyed it.


Arty Party

We had Arty Party come and work with our pupils for three days in school. Pupils worked hard with Arty Party to create a fantastic core value tree which you can see near our school office.


Mask Workshop

We were lucky enough to have a parent run a mask making workshop for every class in the school. Different year groups focused on different types of masks.


Film Making

Some of our children were lucky enough to become film makers during our Arts Week. They learnt what film making involves, what the planning involves and how to use the equipment. The children worked hard all week to create an amazing video about our school! They even got to interview Mrs Crittenden.


Flash Mob Dance

To end our spectacular arts week, the whole school (including the adults) performed a flash mob dance. Everyone spent the week learning and practising the routine and it all went really well. We even had it professionally filmed and the Kent Messenger reported on it. You can see the full video on our Twitter page.


Culture Day & Language Fair

We held our first Culture Day and Language Fair. Every class learnt about a different country. Children dressed up, learnt the language and tried the food. During the day every class had the opportunity to visit the language fair, where our parents hosted different stalls with food to try from their countries.


The Kent Garden Show Scarecrow Competition

This year we took part and won first and third prize at The Kent Garden Show Scarecrow Competition.


Music Concert

Well done to all of our musicians who took part and put on a fantastic music concert.


D.T Day

Here are some photos from our D.T day.


BBC Music Day

We loved celebrating BBC Music Day. There was music and singing all around the school.

Maidstone Dance Competition

We took part in Maidstone Dance Competition. All of the children did so well and they won ‘Best Presentation Award’.


National Poetry Day

We really enjoyed taking part in National Poetry Day. All children had the opportunity to listen to and write poetry. It was lots of fun!


Artsmark Celebration Week

On the 7th October 2019, it was the start of Arts Celebration Week. Here are some of our Arts Committee creating Arts Celebration bunting and taking some photos with the selfie frame!

Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge