Satellite Provision

West Borough Satellite - ASC Provision

The Bower Grove School Satellite is a well-established provision for children with Autism, based within West Borough Primary School and managed by Bower Grove staff. The satellite caters for up to 12 pupils across years 2-6. Pupils usually progress to a mainstream secondary school, Autistic unit or an Autistic specialist provision. West Borough is an inclusive mainstream primary school that embraces and welcomes our satellite pupils as an integral part of their school community. Pupils wear West Borough School uniform and follow the expectations of the school.

Our Team

The satellite is run by well qualified staff, led by Mrs J Hart (Lead Teacher) and supported by Mrs Visscher (Teacher) and three support staff; Mrs M Selfe, Mrs V Corcoran and Ms V Millen. Staff work with the children within the satellite environment and in their mainstream classes supporting them to develop their social and academic abilities as well as their personal independence. The children in Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 may begin by being taught in the satellite classrooms and are slowly integrated into mainstream lessons, with the expectation of full integration into year 6 with a member of satellite staff providing additional support. Lessons are planned in line with National Curriculum and are differentiated and personalised to ensure that all children make progress from their relevant starting points.

Our Provision

We offer an Autistic friendly provision of the highest quality where pupils are supported through personalised interventions and experience success in their learning. We are passionate about the stimulating and safe environment we have created for pupils where emphasis is placed upon growing, learning and fulfilling the potential that exists in every child. We are committed to improving the life chances of every child by tackling barriers to engagement and achievement. Our aim is to create a secure and inspiring environment where every child is supported holistically to enable them to take ownership of their lives, their learning and their decisions.

Admissions Criteria

  1. Age Range – Primary (6-11 years).
  2. Maximum of 12 pupils on satellite roll at any time, 3 per year group 2-6.
  3. All satellite pupils will be on the roll of Bower Grove School.
  4. All pupils will have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).
  5. The range of needs described in the pupils EHCP will be difficulties which reflect the triad of impairments of social interaction, social communication and rigidity of thought.
  6. The pupil must be able to access opportunities for integration provided by the mainstream school. Some level of integration into the mainstream environment will be required (integration may be worked towards during the pupil’s initial year at the satellite). The focus for integration will be identified by the Satellite Lead Teacher after consultation with the mainstream staff and the pupil’s parents. Where the pupil has been unable to take up any integration opportunities in their initial year/during the subsequent year, the appropriateness of the provision will be reconsidered at the pupil’s Annual Review.
  7. Pupils will be working for the majority of the time within age appropriate levels of the National Curriculum. At the start of Key Stage 2 (Year 3) pupils would be expected to be working within the Year 2/3 curriculum and at the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) within 5/6 curriculum.
  8. Where a pupil is exhibiting major behavioural difficulties and there is a likelihood of that pupil posing a danger to themselves and/or others, it is unlikely that such a pupil will be able to access inclusion activities in the mainstream classroom. The satellite is not resourced to meet the needs of pupils with severe learning difficulties (SLD) or where the primary need is emotional or behavioural. If a pupil’s behaviour continues to impact on the learning of the mainstream pupils at West Borough Primary School the appropriateness of the provision will be reviewed.
  9. At the pupil’s Annual Review there should be a consensus that the pupil will benefit from the opportunities offered for reintegration into a mainstream setting from a specialist base.
  10. The decision to offer the specialist provision is made through the West Kent Area Education Office’s special educational needs decision-making system.
  11. All of the above are subject to available places in the appropriate year group and the compatibility of needs within the current peer group. This will be discussed and agreed in consultation with the Head Teacher of West Borough Primary School.
  12. The Local Authority will work within the protocol agreement agreed between the Governing Bodies of Bower Grove School and West Borough Primary School.

The satellite can be contacted on 01622 726952.


Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge