Year 5

Year Group Learning - Term 1

Kent Test


At the beginning of Year 6, you will be asked to make choices as to which secondary schools you would like your child to attend. In Kent we have a selective system which means we have High Schools and selective Grammar Schools. The Year 5 children have sat CAT tests. These Cognitive Abilities Tests (CATs) are marked assessments used by schools to assess pupils' overall intelligence, developed abilities and likely academic potential. The results of these are available for you to collect from the school office and should help you in making the decision as to your child’s suitability to sit the Kent Test, should you be considering a Grammar School for your child in Year 7.

Below are some free familiarisation test materials. As the Kent Test (11+) is very different from what the children do in school, I recommend that if your child is sitting the test, you allow them to use these materials.

Should you have any individual questions or queries, please do speak to your child's teacher or feel free to book a phone call with me.

Mrs Crittenden, Headteacher

Be kind, be safe, be responsible and embrace challenge